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Welcome! My name is Eva Maria Hanson. I am a youth coach and trainer, a social entrepreneur, and the CEO of the NPO Ready for Life, an active young volunteer and a sporty woman. My mission in life is to support young people in their early adult years in navigating the challenges of everyday life amidst more consciously, kindly to themselves, and in harmony with their values.

I want to support you in achieving your goals.

How can I support you?

My story

I am 22 years old. Four years ago, I burned out due to an active lifestyle, perfectionism, and societal pressure, which led to severe depression. It took me nearly two years to recover from the depressive mood, apathy, inactivity, lack of interest, and suicidal thoughts.

I have always been a person with very high goals. It is important for me to do something that creates value in the world, but often this is not easy path.

Today, I am the CEO of the NGO Eluks Valmis, a social entrepreneur, youth trainer, and coach. I do what I love, I know how to balance work and rest, love myself unconditionally, I am my own best friend and supporter, and make my daily choices in line with my values and goals.

I am happy.

I empower you in finding clarity and direction amidst the maze of adult life

During 3-10 coaching sessions, we will work on your goals so that you achieve them within the desired time frame, solve any arising problems, and feel better than ever before.

What is a youth coaching session like?


We discuss what is important to you and formulate a goal to move towards


We only address the topics that you wish to discuss and in a way that is comfortable for you


In our conversation, only your opinion matters. The coach does not give judgment.

What is done during coaching sessions?


We establish cooperation agreements, sign a contract, and get acquainted.


We set a goal and create a plan how to achieve it, explore new aspects.


Using various tools, we find new solutions to reach the goal.


We solve any problems and obstacles that arise during the process.


We agree on the time of the next session and sometimes clarify homework instructions.



I offer coaching within the framework of the CATCH project. CATCH is a 2-year training program funded by the European Union, aimed at providing aspiring professionals with the opportunity to support the overall well-being, growth, and development of young people through the implementation of coaching methods. The program adheres to the standards of international and European coaching federations (ICF), ensuring continuous practice, training, and regular guidance by trained and certified coaches.

I have signed the coach's code of ethics, and with each client, we sign a confidentiality and collaboration agreement. My process is supported by qualified coaches and trainers, and I have undergone quality training to implement all the methods used in the sessions.

Who can participate in coaching for FREE?

According to the objectives of the CATCH project, the coaching sessions conducted by me are available for free to young people living in Estonia who belong to minority groups.


FREE services can be utilized by young people aged 13-30 who belong to at least one of the following groups:

  • LGBTQ+ Youth

  • Racial and Ethnic Minority Youth

  • Youth with Disabilities

  • Low-Income or Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Youth

  • Refugee or Immigrant Youth

  • Homeless or At-Risk Youth

  • Youth in Foster Care or Juvenile Justice System

  • Religiously or Culturally Minority Youth

Join the coaching session!

Coaching sessions take place either online or in Tartu, Apaaraaditehas (Kastani 42).

+372 53248442

If you have any questions or doubts about the suitability of coaching, please feel free to contact me.

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NB! The coach does not address mental health issues or provide coaching services to those with psychiatric disorders.

Register for coaching.

In which minority group(s) do you belong?

Thank you! I have received your message and will contact you as soon as possible.

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